Hi group,

I got a new laptop and I'm trying to install the d155xi software on it
(I got the latest driver CD from HP). Unfortunately, the installation
shows an error (Cannot launch Java) towards the end of the process,
which apart from this terminates normally.

Unfortunately, the software is not functional. Director hangs, the tray
icon doesn't show the status, and hangs, scanning doesn't work because
Director hangs before the scan window appears, the logs can't be
displayed because Director hangs, etc, etc.

On our other Windows PCs (W2K and WXP but upgraded to SP2 _after_ the
HP software was installed) Director functions adequately, meaning that
one can scan, print and fax. The only problem is that two of the HP
programs refuse to terminate gracefully upon system shutdown and need
to be killed off. We can live with that.

Two questions really -
1. Has anyone had any success installing the HP d155xi software on
Windows XP SP2?
2. Are more recent HP multifunction devices (such as the 2840) equally
afflicted with software that ages so ungracefully?

If necessary, I'll replace the d155xi with a more recent MFD, such as
the 2840, replacing at the same time our aging Canon analog copier and
an aging LaserJet 6MP, but I'm loath to invest yet again in a piece of
kit that will not be usable with more recent versions of Windows.

Thanks a lot for all advice,

As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning,
and meaningful statements lose precision. -- Lotfi Zadeh