I've owned an Officejet 4215 printer for close to 2 years now (bought it
when it first came on the market whenever that was) and overall I have been
pleased with its performance. Until now. I noticed that the printer started
printing pages that were light in ink and not correct in the color - as if
one of the tri-color modules was empty. Very soon after I noticed pages to
be printed in black didn't print at all. Now all pages including the test
page itself just prints totally blank pages - no ink is coming out at all
from either cartridge.

I have opened up the printer and took out and reinstalled the ink
cartridges. The driver indicates that the cartridges are both half-full and
they "feel" like there's ink in them when I reinstall them. I also have
reinstalled the latest drivers directly from the HP site - but the "no ink"
performance is still the same. I have cleaned the cartridges using the

Any leads on this? I hate to buy new expensive ink cartridges to find out
that the printer itself is broken. Any suggestions/advice on what to

Thanks in advance.