Wow! Thought I was the only one. My HP Pavilion zv5000 series has th
problem you all have. My battery stopped charging, and I thought fo
sure it would be part of the HP Battery recall, but no such luck. I
addition, my battery would be dead and then the power would just cu
off from the power jack!! So then I would have to restart th
computer and the same would occur. Eventually, the battery woul
charge enough to last about 30 seconds, so when I would see th
screen start to dim, I would quickly pull the power plug out an
reinsert it quickly, and I would be ok....

Finally, I got tired of this, and bought both, a new battery and a ne
power supply. I thought I was back in business - until the scree
dimmed while using the new power supply!! That's when I starte
thinking the problem is not the supply, but the jack. I Googled it
and here I am.

This is totally ridiculous that this many people have a problem.....i
anyone thinking "CLASS ACTION SUIT"