Vintage Computer Festival 8.0
Saturday & Sunday, November 5-6
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, California

This is your complete VCF 8.0 event guide! Vintage Computer Festival
8.0 happens this coming Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th, at
the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

The doors open at 9:30am each day. Speaker sessions begin at 10:00am
and run until 2:00pm. The exhibit and marketplace open at 2:00pm and
run until 6:00pm.

Admission is $12 per person per day for full event access, including
the speakers, exhibits and marketplace, or $7 per person per day for
exhibit and marketplace only (exhibit and marketplace open at 2:00pm
each day). Parking is free, and kids 17 and under are admitted free
of charge.

Homebrew Computer Club Retrospective

The VCF in conjunction with the DigiBarn Computer Museum is proud to
present a 30th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Homebrew
Computer Club, the legendary Silicon Valley institution that helped to
launch the era of the personal computer. Bruce Damer of the DigiBarn
Computer Museum will moderate this panel of former Homebrew members,
including Steve Wozniak, Lee Felsenstein, Allen Baum, Len Shustek, Bob
Lash and Michael Holley.

Join the panel as they recount their experiences and gab with the
group as we feast on some yummy cake, courtesy of the DigiBarn:

VCF 8.0 Speaker Schedule

The speaker schedule for VCF 8.0 is as follows:

Saturday, November 5

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
------- -------------------------------------- --------------------
10:00am Film Screening: The Future of Pinball Greg Maletic

11:00am IOCCC Award Presentation Ceremony Landon Curt Noll

12:00pm VCF Shenanigans Sellam Ismail

1:00pm Homebrew Computer Club Retrospective Steve Wozinak
Lee Felsenstein
Join us in a celebration of the 30th Len Shustek
anniversary of the founding of the Michael Holley
Homebrew Computer Club. Moderated by Bob Lash
Bruce Damer of the DigiBarn. Allen Baum

Sunday, November 6

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
------- -------------------------------------- --------------------
10:00am A History of the Smart Card Jerry Svigals

11:00am Yack 'N Hack: Computers Talk Back Deborah Norling

12:00pm A Personal Re-telling of Personal Dave Freeman
Computer Retailing

12:30pm Nerd Trivia Challenge! Evan Koblentz and
three Uber Nerds
Are you up to the Challenge? Hosted vying for the prize!
by Evan Koblentz, editor of the
Computer Collector Newsletter

1:00pm In The Beginning: A BBS History Christian Wirth
Discussion Joe Russack
Ernie Longmire
A panel discussion to follow-up the
screening of BBS Documentary on day
one of the VCF. Moderated by director
Jason Scott.

For complete details on this year's speaker series including session
abstracts and speaker biographies, visit:

Nerd Trivia Challenge

The Nerd Trivia Challenge is a trivia contest to test the knowledge of
the most serious computer history buffs. Contestants are chosen from
VCF attendees who qualify for play by taking a preliminary quiz upon
arrival at the VCF on Saturday, November 5. Those applicants scoring
highest on the preliminary quiz will be selected to compete in the
Nerd Trivia Challenge on Sunday, November 6, at 12:30pm.

The Nerd Trivia Challenge is being hosted by Evan Koblentz, editor of
the Computer Collector Newsletter:

To participate in the Nerd Trivia Challenge, ask to take the NTC
preliminary quiz when you arrive at the VCF registration desk.

Film Screenings

The VCF is proud to present the first ever public screening of a new
documentary film titled "The Future of Pinball":

The Future of Pinball is a new documentary on the recent history of
the pinball industry. The showing is a beta version of the film and
VCF attendees will have a chance to help direct the final cut based on
the feedback they provide.

Be sure to catch director Greg Maletic's talk on Saturday, November 5,
at 10:00am.

The VCF will also be reprising a screening of BBS Documentary:

The screening will take place on Saturday, November 5, and the film
will be shown in its entirety to all VCF attendees. On Sunday,
November 6, join director Jason Scott and three of the subjects from
the film at the BBS history panel at 1:00pm.

Tours and Excursions

Guided tours of the Computer History Museum Visible Storage collection
will be conducted on Saturday, November 5, with Visible Storage open
for self-guided tours on Sunday, November 6.

For those interested in touring the DigiBarn Computer Museum, curator
Bruce Damer will lead an excursion into the Santa Cruz mountains that
will disembark from the VCF at 3:00pm.

Complete details and tour times are available on the VCF 8.0 website:

Bring On The Exhibits!

Once again the VCF has attracted some rather fascinating exhibits.
Check out what we've got in store for VCF 8.0:

We look forward to having you at the Vintage Computer Festival. I'll
see you there!

Best regards,

Sellam Ismail
Vintage Computer Festival