I have been experiencing strange problems when trying to reinstall my
HP PSC 1315 printer to my Pavilion XE736 desktop (196 MB RAM, 500 Mhz)
running Win 98

Initial install months ago went well. All features functioned. Was
even able to share the printer across a wireless network with latptops
running XP. Then recently I started recieving mutliple different
'Internet Exploter script' errors when running the scanner. I went to
the HP support site and found some recommended fixes (Settings in the
Director program) but could not implement the changes since selecting
"settings" in Director did nothing (no menus, dialogs, etc). So I
elected to uninstall and reinstall the software.

When I tried to do this the software install hung up on a dialog titled
"set up your device now". Apparently this is the point where one plugs
in the printer to the computer and then is recognized automatically and
the installation continues. However, nothing happens, the software
never recognizes the printer, no matter how long the computer is
allowed to check. Initially I thought this was a bad port/cable
problem. So I switched USB ports, same thing. I checked both USB
ports with another TWAIN device (cam) and it worked flawlessly. I
bought a new cable. No change.

I moved the printer and connected to one of the laptops. same
behavior. so I reconnected to the desktop and attemped reinstall.
however, this time when the software froze at the set up your device
now" dialog, I opened Control Panel and invoked the New Hardware icon,
and had Windows find a new device. Like magic the HP software suddenly
detected the device, and then says "Wainting for device setup to
finish". However it only gets partially through the install, freezing
after installing 8/12 programs. Then a red X appears saying it can't
complete the process.

I have repeated the uninstall/reinstall severall times with the same
result. The HP software will not recognize the presence of the printer
unless I invoke the Add New Hardware in Control panel, otherwise it
sits there forever. If the cable or the connector on the printer end
is bad then why does Windows find the printer and the HP software not?

This is extremely frustrating. the printer has been coddled, never
being moved or disconnected in the nearly 10 months I have had it. I
cannot fathom why it will not work. the printer has never been jostled
or exposed to harsh envrionments. it just stopped working. I have
tried different ports, cables, computers, operating systems. all with
the same results.

I have already been to HP and tried all the recommended solutions.
Before reinstall I did a complete uninstall and deletion of folders, I
obtained the latest version of the Microsoft installer, I updated my
Internet Explorer. So if there is something I am missing I would sure
appreciate knowing what it is. I hate to throw away a perfectly good
printer but I am getting to that point. My kids need to print out
their homework and can't afford to sit around waiting for dad to figure
out how to fix the printer