From your email, I understand that you are experiencing the "TrayApp

error message when trying to run the HP Director or Digital Imaging
Monitor. I regret the inconvenience caused.

James, to resolve the issue insert the All-In-One CD when prompted t

install the TrayApp. Then, navigate to
the folder on the disk called, "TrayApp", there you find TrayApp.msi
installer, click on that, hit OK and the Imaging Monitor shoul
the trayapp automatically.

Also, remove the HP related entries from the System startup. To do so

perform the following steps:

1. Click Start and select Run.

2. Type MSConfig and press Enter.

3. Click the Startup tab.

4. Clear the checkboxes for all HP programs.

5. Click Apply and then click OK.

6. Restart the computer.

Now, check the functioanlity of the All-in-One. If the issue persists
recommend you uninstall and reinstall the software.

To uninstall the software download the All-in-One software Removal
utility for your HP PSC 2355 All-in-One from the following URL:

Run the All-in-One software removal utility. This will remove all th

contents of the PSC 2355 All-in-One software.

Now, restart the computer and install the PSC 2355 All-in-On
For your convenience, I am here with providing the web site whic
you in installing your PSC 2355 All-in-One software: