I have a Pavilion a708.uk :

Operating System Installed - Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Processor - Intel® Celeron® D Processor 330
Processor speed - 2.66GHz
System Bus - 533MHz
Cache - Level 2 cache 256KB
Chipset - SiS661FX chipset
Internal Hard Disk Drive - 80GB
Hard Disk Drive Speed - (7200rpm)
Optical drive type - DVD writer
Optical drive speed - +R/+RW 8x max
Video adapter - SiS Real256E Graphics

I`ve added a few extras like another simm and another
internal HD also I have an external HD on the PC as well

so the machine is now :-

Memory 2x256Mb simms Total 512Mb
Hard Drive: 80Gb
Slave HD: 20Gb
External USB HD 30Gb

I was thinking of getting a dedicated graphics card what card would you think
I should go for seeing the type/power of my computer.

It would seem a over the top to splash out hundreds of pounds when the computer it
self was only about £300 or so (got given with my job)

I thought a bit of an upgrade in this department would be wise. I`ve not got any power hungry
software/games (yet) so not really noticed any trouble yet, but thought a nice priced graphics
card would be OK.

Any suggestions (UK only)