On the seventh day, Tony WONG wrote...

> Sorry, i wrongly quoted the model. It is LH3r
> it is Pentium 2 (400) (bought at 5 years ago).

this one has no 64bit PCI, so upgrading may not be a viable option.

> if i do not care the speed and wish to make use of the present HP onboard
> raid controller and hot swap slots can i simply buy seagate scsi-320
> compatible hard drives to replace present 9G drives cos i cannot find
> 146G or 300G at scsi-160 or lower scsi generation.

well, I think so but just to be sure, try to negotiate a return policy,
just in case...

> i will use the server as a data backup server (redhat 7.0 text mode) and i
> just concern the size. due to limited budget, i cannot afford a new raid
> controller and HP original scsi drives.

there were times when devices were hard-coded OEM-devices made by Seagate,
Quantum and IBM which only differed in a special firmware, but without it,
it just wouldn't have worked. Whether the LH3 and its Netraid is one of
those, I can't tell for sure but I don't believe so. So go ahead and try,
I'll bet it works.

BTW: You did your math to know how long it would take a 10MB/s-wire to fill
up 4 300gig-drives, didn't you?

mit freundlichen Grüßen/with kind regards
Christian Dürrhauer, Institute of Geography, FU Berlin

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