On 15 Oct 2005 06:27:32 -0700, "Peter Smithson"

>A friend has given me a laptop to look at as I know something about
>computers but I'm no expert at all. It's not working - possibly due to
>having the cooling fans blocked by being used on a bed.
>When you turn it on there's the usual message about BIOS setup and
>then the screen is blank for around 60 seconds with the HD light on
>constantly. Eventually the white dotted bar that you get on the screen
>when Windows XP comes up appears on the screen.
>Another 60 seconds or so with the HD light on it fills in a bit of the
>bar. Another delay and this appears -
>Windows could not start because the following file is missing or
>It says I might be able to repair it with the Widnows Setup disc.
>I'm not sure it's just a corrupt HD though - it's going so slow that I
>wonder if the HD is damaged.
>How could I find out? Is there a system test CD that I could download?
> I couldn't see one at HP's site.
>Should the yellow light at the front always be on when the power lead
>is in?