"Citizen Kane"

|>I took some of the advice here from a previous thread and checked the
|>drivers. Couldn't find what I was looking for.
|>So I rolled back the computer (well, Windows XP) to a previous time. Still
|>didn't work.
|>I uninstalled all HP software. Still freezing up, but not as often and not
|>as randomly.
|>I don't get it...shouldn't removing all the HP components off of my system
|>for a re-install have worked, since the noise that the computer gives me
|>when these freezings occur is the same noise that was put on my system for
|>the printer?

The noise? A windows sound? Open Control Panel - Sounds and audio
devices - Sounds, and play each sound until you find one associated to
your problem and work from there.

You can download and run Process Explorer when your mouse freezes.
Find the offending program, read it's image and see what's causing

You can set up a keyboard shortcut to launch PE, then use the Tab,
Arrow, and enter key(s) to get around, Practice this so when you loose
your mouse you can navigate.

If it is a CPU usage problem (system freezes) - just leave PE running,
click on CPU to get the high usage programs on top of the list and
when it happens read what program is involved.