I'm having trouble setting up a wireless card with Mandrake 10 on a Dell
Inspiron laptop. Although the configuration seems to go well, I get
"host unrecognized" messages when I try to open a web page.
The card is a Proxim SkyLine which the computer recognizes as a Farallon
SkyLine. The module is an Orinoco_c. I am using a Netgear wireless router
and Comcast is my ISP with a cable modem. Another laptop, an IBM with
a built-in wireless card and Windows ME gets on the Internet
immediately with no configuration required of m.
When I configure the Proxim card with Hardrake: I select wireless
connection. I select DHCP. Under "DHCP host name," I type in the IP
address of my DHCP host/
I select "managed" operating mode. For network name, I type in "wirelss"
because that's the default for my router.
I leave "encryption key" blank.
For RTS/CTS, I type in "off." I leave "Fragmentation" blank.
I use "laptop" for host name; and Dell for zeroconf name.
I restart the network, but when I try to surf the web, I get "host name
Please help. I prefer Linux, and I don't want to install some Windows
system just so I can have wireless networking.
Thanks much,
Steve W.