I've got Comcast broadband. I've had Red Hat 9.0 up and running on the
network just fine. However after removing a router that was no longer being
used I can't get to the network for some reason. I also have a telephone
adapter for VOIP connected to the cable before the cable modem. It had been
working fine with the telephone adapter previously.

When booting I get the following message:

bringing up interface eth0
determining IP information for eth0...failed ./ifup: line 341: 2002 floating
point exception /sbin/dhclient ${DHCLIENTARGS} ${DEVICE}

If I remove the network cable from the telephone adapter and plug it
directly into the cable modem I don't get this message, I just get:

bringing up interface eth0 [failed]

Any idea how to fix this? When I use MS 98 things work just fine and I
retrieved the IP addresses of 2 DNS servers, the IP address, subnet mask,
default gateway and DHCP server. However I didn't want to enter these values
manually because of it's supposed to be done automatically.

Any help is appreciated,