I am just getting back into Linux, loaded Fedora Core 2,
so far its working,
want to pursue GTK+ programming,
can compile sample programs fine.

Want to use standard 'C' (as opposed to C++)

Need to learn how to store text to Clipboard, and
retrieve text from Clipboard,
and Text_Entry boxes.....

Does anyone have a Working Sample Code in GTK+
standard C format for Clipboard operations?

I'd like to be able to have a term program or gedit
copy some text, and then have my GTK app display
it in a Text_Box after pushing a button, and work
in da other direction, too.


I just could not find anything on da web that would
show how to do this. You can find all sorts of Widget
help, but not Clipboard in 'C'.

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RadSurfer@yahoo.com for Email