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Linux Netwosix - Internetworking ML

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It's our pleasure to announce this new initiative. The list
was born to give you the possibility of sharing yours and getting a
knowledge of networking, security and all about the world of Linux.
You can
ask something or suggest your problems and we will try to solve them
with our
experience in this field. This is the first initiative in all the
world of
Linux distributions but this list isn't close only to Netwosix users.
All the
Linux users of each distribution can take part to it. Our goal is to
create a big virtual comunity about the world of the Linux Networking.
Join us today!

To subscribe, send a blank mail to :
To unsubscribe, send a blank mail to:
To send a message on the list: internetworking@netwosix.org
Project homepage: http://internetworking.netwosix.org

List Moderator: Vincenzo Ciaglia
Coordinators: Vincenzo Ciaglia - Fabio Maria Teti - Daniele Vona


-> Moderation & Management
The "internetworking" list is moderated. Only the members are allowed
post here. We are against the spam.

-> Acceptable Contents
Any information pertaining to linux, linux networking and linux
is acceptable. Aren't accepted advisories.

-> Posting Guidelines
The primary language of this list is English. Members are expected to
maintain a reasonable standard of netiquette when posting to the list.
Try to understand better how to "quote" a message and use it. Don't
offensive words addressed to the members of the list. Attachments are
not accepted. If you want to make a reference to a script or a
configuration, please, upload them on your website and give us only
their urls.

Good work!
See you soon,
Linux Netwosix Team