PA>Although Lindows / Linspire is built upon Debian, much of the greatness
PA>that is Debian is missing along with the 114,680 FREE programs and

Do you find the same short-comings in the Sun Java Desktop that
Micotel is supplying in their systems being sold by Wal-Mart now?

PA>You should get a FREE CDrom of Knoppix from http://knopper.net/knoppix
PA>or http://linuxiso.com or http:distrowatch.com or http://cheapbytes.com
PA> ($.99 to $4.95)

PA>It runs LIVE from the CDrom, without leaving a trace on the hard drive,
PA>includes over 900 programs, though, you can install it in 20 to 40
PA>minutes. The 114,680 ADDITIONAL programs and applications can be
PA>installed in about 20 minutes after you have installed Knoppix on the
PA>hard drive.

You have just about have me sold on installing Knoppix in a partition
in my new hard drive after I get it installed. Where will I then find
these 114,680 programs to work on my genealogy data dases, etc.,please?

Ciao, Ack.
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