I am a newbie to Linux. I installed Fedora Core 1 from the CDs accompanying
"Red Hat Linux Bible, Fedora and Enterprise Edition."

Everything installed OK, all hardware devices recognized and functional
including the display. The devices are:
o motherboard is a Mach Speed V400ADBL running an AMD Athalon XP 2500+
o eth0 (on the motherboard, )
o sound (on the motherboard)
o an 80 GB hard disk EIDE w/ 100 MB /boot, 10 GB /, and 5 GB /home, all
ext3. And of course a swap partition, configured automatically.
o a CD burner

The primary problem is that the system is extremely touchy about any kind of
error and re-boots. By re-boot I mean an abnormal crash (dirty file system)
and then re-boots, just as if Ctrl-alt-del had been typed. What I mean by
almost any kind of error is if I do:

ls | less

and I hit the space bar once too often, i.e., attempt to go past the end,
the system re-boots. If I make a command error in vi the system will
frequently re-boot. Also, when some processes exit the system will also
re-boot. For example, at run level 5, (X) when I do a log out with a shut
down option, instead of a normal shutdown the system appears to crash and
then re-boots. On re-booting the file system is always dirty.

I sure hope someone out there can tell me what to do to fix this as it is
driving me crazy. I have worked with other UN*X systems, and have never seen
anything like this before. Usually they are as stable as a rock.

Thanks to all,