My configuration is... was :-(

Fedora core 1
KDE (Gnome libs installed)
nVidia driver (working ok and displaying its logo twice in the boot process)
Mozilla 1.6 (not the one from fedora)
OOo 1.1.1 (not the one from fedora)
SUN's java 1.4.2_02 (installed as RPM)

Then, browsing one day, i opened a page that required Flash player.
I download it and ran it from a shell window. It installed some fonts too.
Then the system started to slow down. I had noticed before that too many
fonts make the system to slow down, so I disabled all fonts except the
True Type fonts.

Now I can not logon to my system. The screen displays the nVidia logo
and a text mode login screen and swaps between them all the time,
without an end (default run level in inittab=5).

Any solutions or I scr** things up?