Firstly this is my HDD partition table

hda1 #WinME 10GB FAT32
hda2 (hda5 #WinXP 10GB NTFS; hda6 #Data 10GB FAT32; hda7 #Data 10GB

hdb1 #Multimedia 2.1GB FAT32

hdc1 #Linux 6GB EXT2
hdc2 (hdc5 #Swap 2GB)

I installed WinME firstly on the C drive and then Win XP on the second
partition of the primary master IDE.

I then installed Linux on the third hdd on its primary partition and
configured grub to be the boot loader but for some reason the linux
does not show up on the boot menu of Windows. I only get the option of
loadind WinME or WinXP

I tried many of the methods put up on the web to copy the boot
information file onto the fat32 C: drive and edit the boot.ini and
give an entry to point it to the file (linux.bin) which is supposed to
contain the boot information for linux.
I looked at the file and its all in funny characters and i am not sure
if this is how it is supposed to be but the last line has an entry
saying "hard disk error"

I need help here cos i have installed linux 5 times in the last 3 days
just to get things working.

Thanx in advance,