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  1. format disk


    Is there any way to format floppy or harddisk?


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    John wrote:

    > Is there any way to format floppy or harddisk?

    Depends on exactly what you mean by "format".

    DOS/Windows traditionally has confused two things:

    formatting -- which is laying down a logical "marking" on a disk which a
    system can use to guide itself in moving the drive heads. (This is also
    sometimes called a "low-level format"). For floppies, this needs to be
    done. For modern hard drives, it's done at the factory, and you shouldn't
    need to do it again unless something has gone seriously wrong.

    creating a file system -- which is putting the tables and such on disk that
    will be used to record information about what files, directories, etc. are
    on the disk.

    The "format" program in DOS/Windows creates a file system, and, if used on a
    floppy disk or other disk that needs it, also formats the disk.

    Unix systems generally still separate the two concepts. "fdformat" (for
    "floppy disk format") is the most common tool for formatting floppy disks.
    You can use it like so:

    fdformat /dev/fd0

    (substituting the proper device for whatever floppy drive the floppy is in).
    This will try to format to the "default" size for the drive. If you're
    using, say, a low-density floppy in a high-density drive, you'll need to
    specify a different device; e.g.:

    fdformat /dev/fd0h720

    Unless you've set up your floppy devices to allow non-root write access,
    you'll need to be root to do that.

    Creating a filesystem can be done with many different commands, depending on
    what sort of filesystem you want to create. In Linux, you can usually use
    "mkdosfs" to create an MS-DOS filesystem (which you're most likely to want
    to do on a floppy):

    mkdosfs /dev/fd0

    This would need to be done *after* doing an fdformat.

    On a hard disk, you'd create a filesystem on a particular partition after
    partitioning the disk, which I won't try to go into.

    If your system has "mtools" installed on it, you can use "mformat" to both
    format and put a DOS filesystem on a floppy. It tries to act like the DOS
    format command, so you'd do "mformat a:" to format a disk in the first
    floppy drive (/dev/fd0).

    Lastly, there are GUI tools for this as well. KDE has "kfloppy", which
    gives a little GUI for formatting a floppy, with choice of which drive,
    what size, what file system to put on it after formatting (DOS or ext2),
    some other options, and a little progress meter. Gnome probably has an
    equivalent, but I don't know what it is.

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  3. Re: format disk

    John wrote:

    > Is there any way to format floppy or harddisk?

    .... yep. it's a two-step process, which includes:
    a) partition creation
    b) filesystem creation

    .... man fdisk
    .... man mkfs
    .... man parted (or found at
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