Ben Measures wrote in message news:...
> You should have a look at Gentoo ( It is very similar to
> a "from scratch" setup but has a few *very* useful tools and utilities
> to make the whole job easier. There are also some very good docs.
> The minimum install cd is about 100MB and it sets up an environment in
> which you can download and compile from source all of the various
> packages needed to get a Linux system running.
> Its like a "from scratch" setup in that you need to download and compile
> each and every package installed on your computer. Its easier than a
> "from scratch" setup because Gentoo provides dependency management, ie
> if you want to install XFree86, it can list all the packages that must
> be installed first (and all the packages that must be installed for them
> first, etc).
> Even if you eventually want to do a setup, I
> heartily recommend you try Gentoo first as it will greatly ease the
> learning process.

Thanks guys that LinuxFromScratch looks great and I will use it.
I love having online support FOR FREE.
Damm the linux community is great.


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