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Subject: Re: Cheap Systems // ECS Elite Group Motherboards K7***

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Newsgroups: linux.redhat.install
Date: 2003-03-24 09:55:51 PST


i've tried installing redhat 8.0 on an ECS K7VMM but that didn't work
the problem is that this board's APIC seems to have problems with the
kernel shipped with 8.0
someone has told me this problem is fixed in newer kernels and as you
are talking about redhat 8.1, it should be no problem for you to
install 8.1
however i wouldn't advise you to buy this board
it has given me more troubles then fun until now and i'm thinking of
buying a new one



however, it's my current problem! i've tried linux 8.0, waiting for
9.0 from the library...will it work?