I'm new to linux and pppoe, but I can follow instructions and I can't
figure this one out... I have RH9, and a pppoe connection that works
on WinXP (I'm using it now) on the same machine. It worked on Win2K
too, with Ethernet300. RoaringPenguin pppoe stuff comes with RH9, but
the software requires a user name and password, which I don't have...
in winxp I just leave those blank and it connects right away. RP
seems to connect with a garbage username and no password, but I can't
reach anything on the www, and when I take the username out of the
config dealy, it says it won't connect. If it makes a difference, I
am in central China (which means no help from ISP.)
Anyway, I don't know what logs would be helpful here, are whatever
other info, so if someone could tell me I'll post them here.
Thanx a bunch