First off apologies if this isn't the right place to be posting this.
I'm very very new to Linux (about 2 weeks old in real terms). I've just
upgraded my system and have decided to try Linux on my old PC. I've
downloaded and installed redhat fedora core 1, and everything's fine
apart from a few little problems which I have no idea how to solve. At
first it doesn't appear to have found my USB card, and so my external
hard drive and adsl modem, it also doesn't appear to have found the
second hard drive within the machine. However, I can see all these
things in the Hardware Browser, although it's not supplying power to the
usb modem. I realise this is almost certainly a very silly question, but
how do I actually browse to files on the other hard drives, and activate
the modem?

Also the drivers for my video card only allow me to view at 800x600. I
understand this is a very recent release of redhat, so does that mean
I'm not likely to get any better drivers?

Any help will be most gratefully received, or any advice on the correct
place tolook for help.