Hi all,

Does anyone know of a Linux TV application that will allow alpha
blending of the TV image with the desktop? I realise that this may be
a bit difficult in overlay mode, since data is written directly to the
video card, but I would accept a lesser framerate to get blending.

The reason I am asking is that I like to watch TV while surfing the
net, and in order to accomodate the TV screen I lose part of my screen
real estate.

I am running a bt878-based card with BTTV. Currently I am running
Knoppix, but as soon as I can sort this issue out I will be going with
a 'proper' distro.

I have seen a screenshot of this type of thing done with directfb, but
as a relative newbie I don't know how I would go about integrating
this with my existing setup. If this is the only way, could someone
please direct be to some pointers for getting directfb running with