Hello peeple

I've been tweaking around for about 2 days now...i figured the
formatting problem of my /dev/sda device. Now my usb flash drive( Sony
micro vault 128M ) gets recognized and i can even mount it and do all
my stuff right if i plug it in before i boot my SuSE 8.0 ( kernel
2.4.18 ). I'd like to be able to hotplug it while linux is running and
have it recognized. As of right now it doesnt get recognized. If it
gets recognized cause i plugged it in before boot, then if i unplug it
then plug it right back in, my flash drive is not mountable anymore. I
tried playing with modules loading and unloading all the modules i
thought were relevant;


for some reason i can't seem to be able to manually load ehci-hcd for
USB 2.0 i get an error in the /var/log/message.

I can produce error messages output on demand.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance