apologies if this is not the right location for this question -its one
of those borderline questions.

I have created some audio files on my XP machine - using CoolEdit.
They are stored in 16 HKz. 8bit ulaw format (mono). They play back
and sound fine under CoolEdit and the windoze audio player.

When I xfer them to my target machine running RHL 9.0 and use the SOX
toolset program "play" to listen to them, they are completely
understandable, but a fair amount of background hiss or static is now
present. When I pop in a music CD on this Linux box, it sounds
crystal clear (fine). I xferred the files using sftp which should
transfer them in binary format. I have tried 2 different audio cards
in this machine - same result each time.

I play them with the "play -f U file.wav"

I have tried various formats, tried recording them at an 8KHz. sample
rate, and playing them back at the same - nothing seems to fix this
background noise problem. Any suggestions?

thank you,