Hi there,

I've been trying to use linux as a desktop pc and i had some problems.
I was wondering if anybody could help me out here.

My setup:

Fedora Core 1 using OpenOffice and Mozilla on a AMD 1400 Mhz with a
Canon S400 printer.

First of all the fonts. Since I'm running a bussiness I want my
documents to look decent and I've been using Arial. It was missing so
I added the fonts to XFS. It worked for OpenOffice and it worked half
for Mozilla. Arial worked but bold text were displayed as normal

Prints made by Open-Office look like they're in Draft mode even on
720x720 DPI. very light prints. And white-spaces were missing after I
added the True type fonts.

I can't use linux if I can't print and view my websites with the
correct fonts. Can any body help me?

Best regards,


PS: And why can't the Gnome PDF viewer print?