Hi Everyone.

I'm a fairly new Linux user, and having a great tome figuring it all out.

I've installed RH9 on my Sony vaio l/t (GRT816S).

I just learned how to recopile the kernel, and finally seem to be getting it
about right (with a lot of research!!)

I have 2.4.22 running now (what a great feeling when I finally got it to
work!). I seem to have a winmodem, and I'm trying to get
it working. I know this is a common problem, but the help I need is quite

I have recompiled my kernel a couple of times, but after I run "make
modules_install" and then run "depmod -a" I get missing symbols for a couple
of modules (includin sis.o). The object files are where they're supposed to
be. I try installing them with "insmod" even giving then full path to where
they are, but still no joy.

I turned this up whilst trying to install a Linuxant driver which needed
those modules. I'm trying to install it from an rpm, but I can't get it to
run far enough to give me a module I can run modprobe on (if that makes any

Hope someone can help.