[Not sure this is the right group. If not, please let me know where this
might be more apropros. Thanks.]

I run KDE on Slack 9.1 and have a dial-up connection.

I have five back-up files on a server in another state (PA). The
files have different names. A new file (just a MySQLDump) is created each
hour (via cron). Script deletes anything older than 300 minutes and creates
a new file... so there are always the past 5 backups there.

I want to create a script that will run via cron on my LOCAL machine that
will run each hour and download the latest (newest) file.

It would be NICE if the script could tell if I was already connected and if
NOT it could call KPPP and dial the phone for me, connect, log in via FTP
(or whatever) do the dowloand, log off, and hang up... but I don't think
that is possible so I would settle with leaving the dial-up connection on
24/7 and just doing the download thing. (Eventually I will get DSL so the
dial-up thing will be moot.)

Is there a repository of shell scripts somehwere that one can search to find
stuff like this? Hotsciprts has javascirpt stuff, but I don't think they
have Unix scrpts.

Here is another idea/request. Are there back-up services out there that will
"pull" my file down to their server each hour? I'd pay a small fee for
something like that.

Currently I pull my backup file down manually but it would be nice to
automate it and get it every hour instead of once a day.

If anyone is able to offer a bit of help or point me in the right direction,
I'd appreciate it.