Ok, I'm baffled. How do I control what fonts are used in various

I'm using Red Hat 9, a fairly new installation, haven't changed much.

I'm accustomed to using certain fonts in my terminal windows and for
emacs and xemacs. I can't figure out how to instruct these entities
to use the fonts I prefer. Take xemacs, for example: I created a
..Xresources file, which from the documentation I've read, should be
able to control the choice of fonts. But the only thing I've
successfully set so far is the background color. If I try to specify
even one of the fonts, it presents me with something I don't want, as
though it can't find the font (although I don't know that). If I
specify no fonts at all, e.g., by hiding the .Xresources file, I get a
font that is acceptable, but without my prefered bells and whistles,
like the background color. Emacs, on the other hand, seems to be able
to use some of the fonts I want, but even there, I don't seem to have
total control. (In the .Xresources file, I specified all the
resources for xemacs by putting XEmacs at the beginning, and then I
have an almost identical part with Emacs at the beginning; according
to theory, this should allow both programs to coexist and use the same
..Xresources file---too bad theory and practice disagree.)

Then there's the desktop itself: the terminal icon defaults to
gnome-terminal. Changing the specified font in various ways has
little or no effect. Also, the font list brought up when I try to
specify preferences doesn't include some of the standard X fonts---why
not, how does it determine which fonts to offer? Where is this list
kept? Going to the Configuration Editor and changing the font for the
Default profile under gnome-terminal again seems to have no effect.

I obviously am totally ignorant of how this all works. I naively
thought these tools were supposed to be "easy to use", but obviously I
need more education.

John Doner