New Linux User - Red hat 9.0 - have been up and running for 3 weeks till

Running a wireless network (Orinoco) with no problems. It is a desktop unit
and I use a TI PCI card to provide a socket for the pcmcia card.

On Sunday 10/2603 two things happened: First durring time change I selected
option to sync time with Red Hat server. Worked fine to there. Later that
night we had a local power failure. - Did not appear to have spike just
dropped power for a time.

System will not come up in normal boot since that time.

When I try to boot with everyting in place it starts booting normally and
last good message I get is
"Initializing random number generator [OK]"
next message is:
"Starting pcmcia: Yenta IRQ list 0000, PCI IRQ11"
"Socket status 10000011"

The system hangs and will not go further.

I remove the pcmcia card and get to the same place with the exception of the
messages are the same except for
"Socket status 10000047"

The system hangs and goes no further - does not time out and bypass

I remove the PCI card and get to the same place (random number message) and
get the message
"DS: No socket drivers loaded!"

I can boot using rescue and get to the hard drive and all the data.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thank you.