First, I am a complete newbie wrt Linux so any help will be most
gratefully received.

I have an HP Netserver LH3 with a NetRAID controller. I am trying to
install debian on it. Debian doesn't detect the RAID controller.

I have downloaded some megaraid drivers (I think), and have put them
onto a floppy in a subfolder called boot. The files are named
megaraid.c and megaraid.h respectively.

When I try to preload modules from a floppy during the installation
process there is nothing to select.

I have a feeling that the files I have are meant to be used when you
compile debian, but I am not sure.

What format should the drivers on the floppy look like?
Have I got the correct files?
If not where can I find them? I have searched with google for the last
3 hours for clues but most of what I read I am afraid goes right over
my head

Thanks for any help offered