"gorf" writes:
> However, I can't seem to figure this itty-bitty problem out. For our
> Windows users, I map a drive on logon with a Windows logon script like we do
> with our Windows shares. There is a 5 second (approximate) delay while that
> drive is mapping... and sometimes when I try to access the drive while
> logged in there is another 5 second delay. It's not hardware because I had
> the same model computer running a Windows share with no delay. I'm not
> doing anything fancy with iptables and the machine is on the same subnet.

If the Samba session daemon "smbd" is being launched by "inetd" using
TCP wrappers (i.e., if there's a line in "/etc/inetd.conf" that starts
with "netbios-ssn" and contains "/usr/sbin/tcpd"), then that could be
the problem.

The TCP wrapper daemon "tcpd" will try to look up the client hostname
and may try to send an IDENT request to the client. Either of these
may cause a delay. If you try to look up a client's hostname

host # IP address of some client

is there a lookup delay? If not, the IDENT may be the culprit. Is
there a catch-all rule in your "/etc/hosts.allow" or "/etc/hosts.deny"
that contains an "@" sign, like "ALL : ALL@PARANOID : deny"? If such
a rule is invoked, this would cause an IDENT to be attempted which
could cause such a delay.