Wow. Underpowered, but $98 is stunning!!!!!

Only basic surf the web, listen to, this may be a winner,
maybe the disposable computer is almost upon us...

Think of the fashion implications, change the case colour every week?

If you use Slitaz Cooking it runs in far less memory (80 MB) than your
Cell Phone requirements, surfing the www doing a great job accessing
online e-mail, while watching a youtube video...

For a hundred USD, this is a perfect coffee cruiser... No storage,
perfect nothing gets lost if it becomes misplace or grows feet and walks

Find a free WiFi connection, use a camera, with ear buds and microphone
and it does yahoo, or another messenger video phone call, or skype...

I always wondered when, since they can sell a portable DVD player for
less than a hundred, then a netbook should be priced similarly.

In Asia, and Europe already... No place to test drive one of these today
in the states, not Amazon, Fry's or Newegg -