I am happy with the 2.4.6 version in my 64-bit Linux (Mepis7) and
delighted with its features and the responsiveness.

Someone suggested:
Quote:there are a lot of additional plugins available from the GIMP web
site which just makes GIMP so much more usefull.... I can't imagine
using GIMP without the approximately..oh let's take a look...16 plugins
and...226 scripts I've added, not to mention extra brushes, patterns and
gradients !

Most are from the GIMP web site but some are at various other places on
the web.

P.S. Math Map is fun and some may want to install GIMP GAP for animations
though it may be a bit of a challenge for the uninitiated...
End Quote

What are your experences using this software package...

JR the postman