Just installed Ubuntu on a separate drive and the first time I rebooted
I got a "menu" where I could select between Ubuntu or Windows XP. After
shutting down, I restarted later and the machine tries to boot up but
gets to the point where "Loading GRUB Stage 1.5" comes up and shortly
after the machine reboots again - it continues in this loop. I can't
get to Windows or Ubuntu because the "menu" doesn't ever come up. How
can I get GRUB deleted so that I can boot into Windows without having to
completely reinstall windows again? I've tried Windows XP recovery
booting from the CD rom and the drive where Windows is installed has
been made a dynamic drive, so it shows up as a ? and can't be accessed.
This is a real flub and enough to make me forget Linux if I can't run
both operating systems on one computer with each OS installed on a
different hard drive. Any help would be appreciated.