I've been setting up an HTPC box with MythTV, which works reasonably
well for television. But so far my attempts to use its options to
display pictures or play MPEGs or MP3s have convinced me that MythTV
is far from being ready for prime time in those areas. I'm looking
for something as easy to use as XMMS, which does a wonderful job
of stacking up requests to play MP3s that can live anywhere in the

There's just one problem: XMMS - especially its file requester -
displays things in a font which is fine for a VGA or DVI monitor,
but which is too small to read on a TV using composite video.
(I know, I know... maybe Santa will bring me that 46" LCD TV
with a DVI connection - but meanwhile...)

Is there a way to get XMMS to use a bigger font so I can read it
on my TV? Same goes for some sort of mplayer skin so I can watch
MPEGs - or an xv skin to look at photos...

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