Yes, Hello.

I have recently purchased an ATI TV Wonder Pro for my new computer due
to the obselesence of my old All in Wonder Pro.

I have set up Video4Linux, the CX88 driver module in the kernel, and the
TV Viewing application but the last one only to an extent -- I am able
to get a staticy video and audio feed from the card (it is recognized by
the kernel and TV app), but it will not detect any channels or anything
other than static for that matter.

I am using Slackware Linux 10 with kernel I would try
upgrading kernels but for some reason anything higher than 2.6.15 will
lock up my system on boot, and this support has been in the kernel since

The Driver is the CX88 driver. I have loaded all the modules loaded at
boot, which are the following:

cx88xx 55584 -
ir_common 7820 -
tveeprom 13400 -
video_buf 16588 -
i2c_algo_bit 8400 -
v4l1_compat 13676 -
v4l2_common 4488 -
btcx_risc 3632 -
videodev 6688 -
i2c_core 16200 -

And the xx8800 module I load manually. Only when this last one is
loaded does xawtv recognize the card:

$ xawtv -hwscan
This is xawtv-3.95, running on Linux/i686 (
looking for available devices
/dev/video0: OK [ -device /dev/video0 ]
type : v4l2
name : ATI TV Wonder Pro
flags: overlay capture tuner

I load that last module with the card=4 parameter and value, as it is
listed as the fourth card (starting at zero) in the list of supported
cards. Aside from that list, there is next to no documentation for this
driver in the kernel tree.

I have tried xine instead of xawtv and it does not even produce the
static, and from what I read I think it's not specific to the client I'm
using and it would likely give me static on any TV client.

The results of scantv (the program intended to generate a list of
available channels for xawtv to use) follows:

$ scantv
ioctl: VIDIOCGFBUF(base=(nil),size=0x0,depth=0,bpl=0): Invalid argument

please select your TV norm
0: PAL
-1: AUTO
nr ? -1

please select a frequency table
0: us-bcast
1: us-cable
2: us-cable-hrc
3: japan-bcast
4: japan-cable
5: europe-west
6: europe-east
7: italy
8: newzealand
9: australia
10: ireland
11: france
12: china-bcast
nr ? 1
freqtab = us-cable

input = Television
norm = AUTO

ioctl: VIDIOCSPICT(params=32768/32896/32896/32896/0,depth=0,fmt=4):
Invalid argument
ioctl: VIDIOCSPICT(params=32896/32896/32896/32768/0,depth=63263,fmt=4):
Invalid argument
invalid value for norm: AUTO
valid choices for "norm": "PAL", "NTSC", "SECAM", "AUTO"

1 ( 73.25 MHz): no station
2 ( 55.25 MHz): no station
3 ( 61.25 MHz): no station
4 ( 67.25 MHz):

Of course the "no station" line is repeated another 130 times for the
rest of the channels.

I am not sure, but I think the solution may include removing one of the
modules from auto-install, and manually load it with some additional
option that I don't know about, upon boot. (along the lines of card=4
or tuner=X or type=Y).

I look forward to having the tuner work by Wednesday night for the
Knicks game.

Much appreciation if anyone could help.