I am interested in Linux and likely will use Mac OS X far more but
want to have the capability of using it so that I can learn the OS as
well as run any software for Linux that I'm interested in.
I thought of switching a older Windows machine over to Linux but my
interest is now to put it on a MacBook Pro. Hard Drive space is
precious since I'm already planning to use Parallels to run Windows XP
on it. My questions:
Can I run Linux on a Mac with it on a external drive so that I can
simply buy a firewire drive and make that the Linux Drive?
Can I run Linux with Boot Camp or is it better to use Parallels?
What flavor of Linux is best? I have heard a lot about SUSE but also
some about Red Hat.
Is it possible to boot straight into Linux on a Mac?
Are there specific versions of Linux catered to the Mac?

Thanks in advance for any help.