Hi folks.

I'd really like to be able to author a DVD full of jpeg's and short avi's.

I've experimented with a bunch of a different DVD authoring software on
Linux, but danged if they don't all seem like too much trouble so far.

I just want something that will:

1) Go through a directory of jpeg's and avi's, looking in their metadata
for the date when they were taken

2) Group things on the DVD with top level menus for year, and submenus for
months, and just sort the jpeg's and avi' within the months then without
any further clicking around - IE, just catenate them

3) Maybe allow me to specify a background image

But there's all of this .xml and audio resampling and incompatible
movies nonsense (after converting the jpeg's to avi's) that doesn't seem
like it should be necessary.

Is there something that'll do this pretty much out of the box?

(Don't get me wrong, I love programming, but I'm not always that keen on
reinventing the wheel...)