I am not a C programmer. *I've read a bit here and there and produced a
"Hello, World" program or two, but I've never gotten into what actually
happens with the ./configure && make && make install process.

I am producing a project that will go on a CD and NOT install on any system.
In other words, anything program files will be run directly from the CD.
I've had no problem using Java by putting it directly on the CD and using a
bash script (this is in Linux) to run any Java classes.

I'm having problem with one C program. *I've tried to compile it to create a
static binary, but even though I use "./configure --enable-static
--disable-shared", it still links against shared libraries. *I'm sure any
experienced C programmers are way ahead of me by now and realize my
problem: I need to put this binary on a CD and make sure it runs using only
the resources on the CD since it could be run on a number of different
Linux distros.

So is there any way to take this binary and the libraries it uses, put them
all in one directory on the CD, use a bash script to run the program and
tell it to load from the libraries in its own directory instead of the
standard ones? *In other words, to have the program and all it needs in one
directory (or with subdirectories) so I can expect it to run without
trouble on any non-exotic Linux system?

Thanks for any help on this!