When I try to mount a directory that resides on a server running FC3
onto a workstation running Suse 10 I get a permission denied error. I
originally had FC3 on the workstation and everything worked fine for
quite a while and at a certain point I could no longer mount the file
system. I upgraded to FC4 (for other reasons) and still no luck, I then
reformatted the hard drive and did a clean install of Suse 10 but still
had the same problem.

I have a laptop with FC4 and that mounts the file system just fine, I
can also access the file system on either computer when booted into
Windows XP. I use the same login and password on all systems.

On the server, which runs FC3, I went into 'NFS Server Configuration'
GUI and deleted everything then added the two directories that I wanted
to add, /home, and /stuff. for the host I listed 'linux' which was the
default name of this computer after I installed Suse 10. I then issued
the command 'exportfs'. On the workstation I did:


linux:~ # mount acsserver:/home /home/tparks/server
mount: acsserver:/home failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

I then went to my laptop and issued that same command and got the same
result, which surprised me as the laptop previously mounted fine.

I went back to the server and added the host linuxd600 to the 'NFS
Server Configuration' GUI as that is the name of the laptop and issued
'exportfs', went back to the laptop and tried again and it worked fine.
I also made certain that all of the permissions in the 'NFS Server
Configuration' GUI are set to r/w.

The end result is that I can mount the file system on my laptop booted
into either Linux (FC4) or WinXP. I can access it from my desktop when
booted into WinXP but not when booted into Suse 10. I previously had FC3
on the desktop and was able to mount under that for a while but for some
reason I began to get the above error message and then I did a clean
install of Suse 10 but got the same result when trying to mount.

I'm lost, any help is appreciated, thanks