Hi all,
trying to install a Linux (Red Hat 9.0)server on a HP Visualize X-class
system and i am having problem installing to a SCSI drive attached to an LSI
Logic controller. I am fairly new at this although i have installed the same
Linux perfectly and easily on a trial system with IDE drives- which i never
intend to deploy, being that it is a very large gas (power) guzzler and i
cannot afford the utility bill for that.
But back to my present problem: Everything starts off fine and Linux start
to boot from my IDE CDROM, but when it start loading SCSI driver it stops at
"loading Sym53c8xx driver". Do not think this is impatience on my part. I am
talking about up to 2 hours!!. I tried a couple of hard drives (9.1 gig
SCSI) and same result, so i know it is not bad hard drive. I tried a
different SCSI controller and no problem, Linux start to setup easily.
Unfortunately i need to use the LSI Logic controller!. Also i can see the
controller is the BIOS setup and I had earlier flashed this card on a WinNT
install, so more the reason why i cannot understand why i am having this
problem. Is there some way out of this. I am getting desperate

Headley Sappleton