Hi all,

I'm trying to connect two Logitech USB microphones
(based on AK5370 chip) to a linux box.
I tried Suse 9.1, 9.3 and Ubuntu 5.04 and 5.10.

All distributions recognize that I plug in the
mics, and it results in /dev/dsp1 and /dev/dsp,
next to my internal sound device (/dev/dsp).

Now, if I 'cat /dev/dsp1 > /dev/dsp' I
correctly hear what I say into the mic coming out
of the speakers. When I stop this, and follow it by
'cat /dev/dsp2 > /dev/dsp' strange things happen.

Suse 9.1: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Even complete system hangs can be the result.
Suse 9.3: The second mic does not give any signal.
The mic is not broken, since I can swap them.
Ubuntu 5.04: Like Suse 9.3
Ubuntu 5.10: same.

Another weird thing: Suse 9.1 sees the mics, and I
can do 'alsamixer -c1'or álsamixer -c2' to change
the signal strength.

However, all the other distro's yield
the error message 'no mixel elts found' or
something linke that.

Does anyone have multiple mics of
this type running? If so, please tell
me which distro, kernel, version, config etc...

Any help, very much appreciated.


Please respond to a.meijster@rug.nl.