I hope this is not a stupid question, I am a newbie to firebird database
on Linux.
I am unsure if this is specifically a Linux (Redhat ES4) issue or
sorceforge firebird.

I had Firebird up and running on Redhat ES 4. It worked well and the end
user client software accessed the database well. Then it all failed (4
months later).

Instead of rebooting the server, I am sure I used to type
"service firebird restart"

but now I get an error saying
"firebird: unrecognised service"

What is the service or deamon name I should be restarting ?
How are the Deamons referenced with the service command ? Is the
Service/Deamon name an alias to a script or execuatble that is run when
you call it up ?

Is it possible through a bad path statement or other fault, that a
service I used to start will no longer start ?

I know firebird is running (gsec can log in).

Any information will help.