I am running Redhat Linux 9 and I am trying to connect to my Windows 98/XP
boxes using Samba. I have had some limited success: On my Linux box, I am
able to browse the shares using Nautilus. I can see and access my Windows
share, no problem, but I also see a share "Localhost" which I am assuming is
the Linux share. This is unexpected. I was expecting a name I specified in
the config.

Second, and most important problem is that when I browse from Windows boxes
through Network neighborhood, my Windows share are visible as well as the
"Localhost" share. Double clicking on the "Localhost" icon will bring me to
the share folder I defined in Linux config. But clicking on that folder will
give me a password prompt. Of course no password I put in will match so I
cannot access any Linux share from the Window boxes.

Can anyone shed some light on what is happening here?
Thanks in advance

Stewart Allen


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