Hi Guys,,

OK, I know I am a nervous Nellie (paranoid?) but I got to ask before I do

I have right now:

hda1 20GB HD -- WinXP
hdb1 150GB HD -- FC3
hdb2 -- 100 GB storage area
hdb3 -- 50 GB misc area

I want to move my existing FC3 to hda1 after cleaning out all vestiges of
Windows. I would like to keep my home on the second drive.

I have studied up on this is it looks like /home can be anyplace, even a
remote network (like I would put my /home on my Comcast 100MG "free

I just do not want to end up having to re-run every rpm and app that I have
gotten to work flawlessly now after a few weeks of tweaking.

For instance, Lime wire, amaroK, various mail and news readers, etc all are
working fine and each on their own separate screen (I set up for 12

Please tell me that all I have to do is erase hda1 and use the FC3
installation DVD to reinstall to hda1 and when FC3 asks for where to put
stuff I tell it that /home and /op are over on hdb1.

I'll be eternally grateful for the answer and I have several bushels of
tomatoes from the garden that I can send to you except that it is raining
in Tennessee right now, so I have to stay inside with the computer.