Johny Iceland wrote:
>>/// Michael J. Tobler

> A useless website...but it did have an interesting section on "How to answer
> questions in a helpful way".

Heh heh ....

Have you checked the settings on the KMix? When I set this box up last
weekend, the sound levels were very low and off center. I am running
KsCD as the CD player ... (I haven't yet gotten to the XMMS st up for
MP3's, but know from previous installations that there is a similar
adjustment there) ... anyway, check the various level settings. I think
you will find that the mixer needs to be adjusted by moving the various

This may not work, but it worked for me.

Hope this helps! Check back and let us know what happens, unless, of
course you erase your hard drive and the power supply smokes, but I digress.