RF wrote:
> Hi everyone. I'm not exactly a newbie, but i'm no sys admin either.
> Trying to get my roomie's computers running 98 and xp to use the cable
> connection shared by my mandrake 9 box. I used the ICS wizard bundled
> with mandrake, as i have NO idea how to set up the routing and IP
> forwarding etc...manually. The network is all keen and okie-dokie, as
> i am able to ping all the machines on it. As a matter of fact, when i
> ping a host name from the win98 box, it can even resolve it to an IP
> address. The only problem being that it then times out. So, i'm
> wondering..."wassup?". Any ideas?
> Thanks
> P.S. Firewall is disabled on my linux machine for right now.

You could do one of two things.

1. Find a used router like the "Linksys Cable/DSL Router" Computer
Rennassiance and eBay has them for less than $50. Plug your cable into
the router then use a Cat5 network cable to wire yours and his into the

2. Get a WIFI and sniff the area for an open WIFI .. if you are in the
dorms (like one of our kids was last year) there was a Geek on the 3rd
floor who set up an open WIFI system for the dorm denizens. IT got a
little slow on weekends when everyone was d/l porn, but during the
school days it ran fast.

There are other things but one of these will do the trick.