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>>Eridano wrote:
>>>Hi folks.

>>>I heard Linux...I'm reading book about its history...and now I want to
>>>know more about the actual status, how to contribute,...and all things
>>>regarding it.
>>>May you help me suggesting where (what site) talk about Linux? I know,
>>>it's a very simple question...I'm very newby.

>>Just search with Google, you'll find enough to keep you busy for a
>>I also suggest that you install and run Linux of course. Try to get to
>>the point that you do everything possible with it. You can read about
>>it all day, but you won't *really* learn what it's all about until you
>>sit at the keyboard.

> Ok...I'm seeing a Linxu Live CD (konppix?)...and it seems not far than
> wxp..
> How could I discovery what Linux can give me more? Or,
> instead, I can give Linux more? I'm able to develop program in
> java...with which languare - c,java,.. - I can develop my program?
> Ivan
> Very thx.

Drasvthia Gospodin!

The Knoppix CD ROM works out of the box as a CD ROM based Linux system.
I have used it on several machines (with different hardware
combinations) with good success. On a couple of machines the sound
didn't work, but that is not important if you are trying out things.

Run the Knoppix CD system and get a feel for the KDE interface. I know
that some prefer the Gnome interface, but I prefer KDE. Opinions are
like assholes, of course, and everyone has at least one.

I found a lot of books at the local library on Linux. There is a shelf
about 10 feet long with various books. Seems that people tried Linux
after buying the book st and then donated to the library when they
discovered they didn't really need a $50 book.

The best one I found was the Sams Company "Fedora Core 3" book. It
actually7 had the DVD and two CDROMs with it. I checked it out, went
back to my dacha and installed everything from the DVD.

Works great .. with some minor issues that I am sorting out with the
help of the book and guys here in this forum.

If you are not near a library with a large English language collection
on computers, you can find anything and everything on the Internet.
Just go to Google and select the advanced page of Google search. Down
at the bottom of the page there are special search pages for Linux (and
other operating systems). Go to the Linux search and search for some
term like "new user" (quotations included - that concatenates the search

Good luck!